Monday, April 04, 2005

HKU YV: Ievster "1st vlog"

This film was contributed by Ievster
ievster logo

Klik op het plaatje hieronder om de sensationele vlog van Ievster te bekijken.


bullemhead said...

if i knew what you were saying, I think I'd be proud of you.

Josh Leo said...

I agree...I don't know Dutch, even though my ancestors are from there. I am, however, visiting Ferwerd(my ancestors town), Leeuwarden, Amsterdam, and a few other cities in the Netherlands for a few days in August. I will vlog that, maybe i will know some dutch by then. Keep Vlogigng Strong!

Jay Dedman said...

cool...this is how it starts.
make sure your friends start watching.

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